Platform Racing Games

The Platform Racing games are a combination of your average racing games, games of skill, and adventure games – all rolled into one. There are four versions – each with increasingly difficult platforms to race in, multiple game rooms and servers, and other bonuses and features.

Platform Racing 1

Platform Racing 1 has eight different game rooms. The “Newbie Land” game room is your starting point. Each level room after “Newbie Land” requires a specific rank to enter. To obtain these ranks, play the highest-level room you can, as many times as you need to.

The controls to play are quite simple. You can use A, S, D, W to move your character around, or you can use your arrow keys. Your W and up arrow key will allow you to jump. The S and down arrow key will allow you to charge up your Super Jump ability. Additionally, your Space Bar will allow you to use items you receive from the “?” blocks.

The “?” blocks give you a variety of items you can use throughout the game. These items are one-time-use though, so plan accordingly. Each item performs a different function.

Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2 – similarly to the first version – allows you to race against the clock in single-player mode, or race against other players online in multi-player mode. You can also customize your characters appearance by changing the head, body, and feet as well as each body part’s colors. You can change your characters stats as well, however to do this, you must sacrifice one stat for another. In addition, you can create your own levels.

There are six different servers to play on. Each server shown in the drop-down menu will tell you how many players are currently on that server. Each server also has different level names – and each different level name is different. Actual players have created many of the levels.

The controls are the same in Platform Racing 2 as they were in Platform Racing 1 – using A,S,D,W or your arrow keys to move left, right, jump, or use Super Jump, and the Space Bar to use an item you’ve received from the “?” block. The items you receive from the “?” block are randomly given. You could hit that block in one game-play and receive a Jet Pack – and in the next play, it could give you a Super Jump item.

The game levels contain a variety of blocks – some can help your character, while others can harm him. Examples of these blocks are water blocks, safety net blocks, reverse blocks, movable blocks, ice blocks, and mines.

Platform Racing 3

Platform Racing 3 is similar to the previous two versions. The controls are similar, as are the customizations. Some of the major differences between Platform Racing 3 and the previous versions include settings/options, number of servers available, collection of medals, items you can earn, and new blocks.

There are additional options/settings you can adjust in this version, including zooming in and out of the game and scanning the game map. Additionally, there is now a “Retry” and “Exit” button located at the bottom left of your game screen, as well as toggle music on/off button.

There are only two servers available: Marcelleus and Ali, however you can play both in single-player or multi-player mode.

Depending on how long it takes you to complete each level, you can earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal. Earning Gold Medals will allow you to exchange them for special items.

You can also collect one-time-use items throughout each level by bumping the “?” blocks. The items you receive from these blocks are random, but you can get some amazing tools to use! Items include Wings and Jet Packs to allow you to fly, laser guns to destroy blocks, rocket launchers to destroy multiple blocks in a row, shield providing you with temporary immunity, and many more.

New blocks available in Platform Racing 3 include trampoline blocks – when you jump on these blocks, they will allow you to reach really high places, safety net blocks – if you touch these blocks, they will teleport you back to a safe location, and water blocks – allow you to swim through them.

Platform Racing 4


Platform Racing 4 is the same concept as the previous three versions – with some new features, options, blocks, items, controls, and a Coin Shop.

Some of the default controls have been changed slightly. For instance, you can still use A, S, D, W and Space to perform many of the control functions, as well as using your arrow keys. However, if you feel more comfortable using your arrow keys, you may also find that using the Shift button to use the in-game items much more comfortable than using the Space Bar. However, if you have other preferences, you can still customize these options to suit your needs.

There are a couple new options available in this version. You can now toggle the music on or off, toggle the sound on or off, as well as toggle the graphics quality between high, medium, and low. This makes playing the game much easier for anyone using a poor internet connection.

New blocks have been introduced in Platform Racing 4. For instance, you can now find Stat Booster blocks that will boost your characters stats, as well as a “!” which will give you special hats your character can wear. These hats will give your character special effects – however, they are extremely difficult to find in each game level.

Platform Racer 4 also has a few new items available. Items include an invisibility items, which will make your character become invisible to other players (you will see an outline of your character though). This item allows you to zip past other players in the race without them ever seeing you! This item is only available in multi-player mode. Another new item is the Zapper. The Zapper will zap and stun other players who try to pass you, or when you pass them in a race. This is another item only available in multi-player mode.

Probably one of the biggest differences between Platform Racing 4 and the previous versions is the inclusion of a Coin Shop. When you complete a game level, you can earn coins based on how long it took you to complete that level. You can also collect coins throughout each level. You can then use those coins in the Coin Shop to buy new body parts for your character. The body parts purchased in the Coin Shop will increase your characters stats slightly.