Platform Racing 4

Platform Racing 4 is similar to the previous three versions. It is a racing game where you can race against the clock (single-player mode), or race against others online (multi-player mode). However, this version offers a few new features.


The default controls are similar to the ones used in previous versions;however, there are a few differences.

The default controls include:

  • “A” button or left arrow key – move left
  • “D” button or right arrow key – move right
  • “W” button or up arrow key – jump
  • “S” button or down arrow key – charge a super jump
  • Space bar or Shift button – use an item

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As you can see, the major change in these control settings is the use of the Shift button. This is so if you are using the arrow buttons to move your character, you can play one-handed continually throughout the game, instead of having to use your other hand to reach for the space bar.


You can now toggle the music on or off, toggle the sound on or off, and choose which graphic quality works best for your computer: high, low, or medium.


You can still customize certain things in Platform Racing 4, such as change your characters head, body, and legs as well as each body part’s color; change the control keys to fit your comfort level; and design your own levels.


As in the previous versions, Platform Racing 4 has a variety of blocks that appear in each level – each one has a special quality.

  • Water Blocks – can swim through
  • Mine Blocks – can do damage to you if you touch them
  • Solid Blocks – you can walk on these safely
  • Push-able Blocks – you can push these blocks where-ever you need them
  • Ice Block – breakable if you jump on them.
  • Booster Block – these blocks can make you either run faster in the direction of the arrow while you are on them, or they can allow you to scale up or down a wall.
  • Net Block – teleport you back to a safe location
  • Disappearing Block – disappears when touched
  • “ ? “ Block – gives you a temporary item when bumped from underneath
  • “ ! “ Block – gives you a special hat – though these blocks are extremely hard to find.


Items can be found by bumping the blocks with a “ ? “ on them. Once activated, these items temporarily do things to help your character.

  • Jet Pack – let you fly
  • Laser Gun – shoot blocks that are in your way
  • Rocket Launcher – plows through walls 3 blocks
  • Invisibility – allows you to become invisible (only available by chance in the “ ? “ blocks when you are playing in multi-player mode)
  • Zapper – zaps or stuns another player when they run past you or you pass them (only available by chance and only when playing in multi-player mode)

This is just an example of some of the items you may receive from this special block.

Specialty Hats

Specialty hats are found throughout each level of Platform Racing 4 – however, they are extremely well hidden and hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find the “ ! “ block, here are examples of what you may get from them.

  • The Dropper Hat – this hat is in the shape of an eyedropper. If you can get this hat, it will drop otherplayer’s stats by up to 60% when they run past you while you are wearing it.
  • Exp Hat – This hat is a shiny, golden top hat. When you wear it and complete the level, the experience your character has gained for the level will be multiplied by 3.
  • Footsie Hat – This hat looks like a giant foot. It boosts your speed and acceleration stats by 5 while wearing it.
  • Pogo Stick Hat – This hat looks like a pogo-stick sitting on your head. When you wear this hat, your jump and super jump stats will be boosted by 5.
  • Invisibility Hat – You guessed it. This hat is invisible – however, it also makes you invisible while you are wearing it, making it impossible for other racers to see you flying past them in a race.
  • Thief Hat – This hat has black and white stripes. When you wear this hat, you are able to steal other people’s hats when you run past them.


Platform Racing 4 has five servers open for you to play on.

Additional Features

One of the biggest features that are new on Platform Racing 4 is the new Coin Shop. In this version, you can now earn coins throughout each level, which are spendable in the Coin Shop. You can purchase many items from the Coin Shop. For instance, you can now buy body part upgrades. Each body part upgrade you purchase in the coin shop will increase your character’s stats slightly.

Not only can you collect coins throughout each level, but also, at the end of each level, you can earn more coins based on your speed of level completion.

5 Stars (5 / 5)