Platform Racing 1

Platform Racing 1

Platform Racing 1 is a racing game like no other! Instead of racing cars, you are performing a running race.

The game is insanely addictive and fun. You have a variety of customizations to do, and rooms to play in.  You have the option to either race against the clock, or race against other players in this multi-player racing game.


How to play

To play the game, you need to use a few keys on your keyboard. They are:

  • Right arrow or “D” button – run right
  • Left arrow or “A” button – run left
  • Up arrow or “W” button – jump
  • Down arrow or “S” button – charge a super jump
  • Space bar – use an item


You can customize the appearance of your main character by changing the colors of his head, body, and hands. Additionally, you can choose your own in-game name, as well as select from one of three server options.


There are eight levels (called rooms in this game) for you to play. In each room, you can either race alone against the clock, or you can race up to four other players.

You start out in the room called Noobieland, where you can get familiar with how to play the game and begin to gain rank. Once you have successfully beat Noobieland and achieved Rank 0.1, you can enter the next level/room: Buto. In Buto, you no longer have the helpful little tips on what buttons to press to achieve the desired movements.

Buto, like many of the other levels, includes blocks you can jump under to “bump” and receive power-ups to help you throughout the level. This feature sort of reminds me of the old Mario Brothers games on the Nintendo gaming console.

Once you have successfully completed the Buto room and have earned rank 3, you can move onto the next room. Listed below are the rank levels needed to enter the rest of the game rooms, in order.

  • Buto – Need rank 0.1 to enter
  • Pyramids – Need rank 3 to enter
  • Robocity – Need rank 10 to enter
  • Assembly – Need rank 20 to enter
  • Infernal Hop – Need rank 50 to enter
  • Going Down – Need rank 150 to enter
  • Slip – Need rank 300 to enter

As you may be able to see, it may take you a few run-throughs of the same room to receive enough rank points to enter the next highest room.


Platform Racing 1 only has one option you can adjust, which is toggling the music on or off.


Platform Racing 1 comes with a built-in chat room for players to communicate with one another. This can help you to learn more about the game, as well as make new friends!

Age Appropriate

The game itself is appropriate for children as young as 7, however due to the nature of some of the chat room communications – parents, use your best judgment.