Platform Racing 3

Platform Racing 3 is a foot-race game of skill. You can play as a single player or race against other players.

The game consists of two servers – Marcelleus and Ali. You can customize how your character looks by changing its body parts (head, body and feet), as well as changing the colors of each body part. You can adjust your characters stats by adjusting his speed, acceleration, jump height, as well as experience bonus level.

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Controls to play

Use the following controls to make your character move.

  • Right arrow or “D” button – move right
  • Left arrow or “A” button – move left
  • Up arrow or “W” button – jump
  • Down arrow or “S” button – charge a super jump
  • Space bar – use an item

Items in game

In Platform Racing 3, there are many items you can collect by bumping blocks from underneath. Below are examples of the items you can use in this game.

  • Wings – make you fly
  • Jet Pack – allow you to fly as well
  • Laser Gun – destroy blocks
  • Portable Block – put a block down anywhere to help you get one step higher
  • Portable Mine
  • Rocket Launcher – destroys everything in its path
  • Shield – temporary immunity from objects that can harm your character
  • Speed Burst – makes you run faster
  • Super Jump – allows you to jump really high
  • Sword – similar to the Laser Gun, but it’s a sword
  • Teleport – teleports you 2 blocks away

The following items you can obtain from blocks as well can only be used to hit other players.

  • Lightning – shock other players
  • Black Hole – attract other players

Most blocks that the above items come from are for one-time use – however there are a few special blocks that will give you unlimited items!

Block types

There are a few different types of blocks. Some are solid and you can walk/jump on, but there are others that do special things. For instance, the trampoline blocks allow you to jump super high – the longer you jump on them, the higher they make you go. The safety net blocks, if touched, will teleport you back to the last safe location. The water blocks allow you to float/swim through them.

Single-player mode

If you don’t want to race against other players, you have the option to play the many single player levels. In this mode, you can race against the clock. The faster your time, the better medals you can obtain. Many of the levels require you to obtain a certain number of Gold medals in order to unlock them.

Multi-player mode

If you enjoy showing off your skills, you can race against other players. The multi-player mode has three versions – practice mode, quick join, and start game. You can race, slice and blast your friends to smithereens while on your way to victory!

Additional Options

Platform Racing 3 offers a few options for players to use to help customize their gaming experience. Located at the bottom left of the gaming screen, you will find a small “+”, “-“ and some arrows. By clicking on the “+” and “-“ buttons, you can zoom in or out of the game to adjust it to suit your needs. Additionally, by clicking on the arrow buttons, you can scan the game map to familiarize yourself with the task ahead.

Located in the same area as those buttons mentioned above, you will find a “Retry” button and an “Exit” button. You can click the retry button to restart the level from the beginning. By clicking the exit button, you will return to the main menu. You can also toggle on or off the game music/sound.

Age Appropriate

Platform Racing 3 is appropriate for children 7 years old and older.

5 Stars (5 / 5)